Gyubee Japanese BBQ


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Already going to preface this post by saying I can’t wait to go back to Gyubee! Alright, so I’ve eaten in my fair share of all BBQs in Toronto (both Korean and Japanese) and I gotta say this is my fav so far. If you don’t know me already I eat a LOT, and I’m pretty deliriously happy that I can eat high quality meat at an AYCE!


A HUGE plus of the restaurant is that it’s not smoky at all. I was really turned off when I first ate at Chako. Swear I walked outta there smelling like I was the one barbecued (never again). The service here at Gyubee was great, with the servers teaching you how to BBQ correctly. I liked this better than Gyu-kaku because of the value and amount of food you get for the price point (around $29.99 for dinner per person).

Now my boyfriend and I got the dinner option during lunch hours (told you I was hungry AF), and there was a lot to choose from. Highlights were the beef! Get the beef (specifically kalbi short rib) and salmon carpaccio. I also enjoyed the bibimbap and any of the veggies. You can’t go wrong really.



7100 Woodbine Ave #100,

Markham, ON





Moroccan Style Lamb + Couscous

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Quick break from my usual faves rib eye, pork belly and short rib. Now… lamb lollipops are somewhere down the list of my fav meats, partially because it is so damn tiny, I swear I can eat one rib in two bites. Surprisingly enough though if you get your lamb well done it doesn’t get as tough as beef! So if you cook it right, it’s really rich and tender, and if there’s a bit of fat – even better!


I loved the marination of these lamb lollipops, Moroccan style with lots of spices, mint and bit of lemon juice. Usually I find lamb to have a gamey taste and this was the opposite, really delish! It’s so easy, just marinate the night before and when you’re ready to eat give it a quick sear in olive oil and pop it in the oven.

Now I paired this with Ottolenghi’s Couscous & Tomatoes and it was CRAZY GOOD! My mouth is watering just thinking about how well they went together. The couscous was perfect: light and fluffy with caramelized onions, seared cherry tomatoes, torn fresh mint and a bit of lemon juice. MMM!!!


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Korean Inspired Beef Short Rib Stew


Rainy days to me always = comfort food and staying in watching Netflix. Which is why I DIED when I cooked this Korean inspired beef short rib stew. It’s a bit spicy because of the gochujang (spicy paste), but really, really delicious over rice which I find makes the spice more bearable. The slow cooked short rib meat itself is SO tender – you don’t even need a knife for this!!!

I wanted to make this recipe because I remembered eating something similar back when I lived in the Philippines. This was a bit different though, likely because I added the spicy Korean paste, but I would say it’s even better than I remembered!

Loved the flavors of this dish – salty soy with sticky sweet flavours, both from the carrots and the sugar. Definitely couldn’t eat it fast enough! Especially with rice and homemade japchae!? So GOOD! Make this ASAP!!

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Cantonese Pork Belly with Grilled Peach Slaw


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Ohhh boy. I made such an INSANE Asian fusion dish, which I swear had angels singing (or crying tears of joy) because it was on a whole ‘nother level! My boyfriend even said it’s up there in his top five dishes of all time!

Five spice pork belly with grilled peach slaw – who would have thought that they’d be crazy good together?  I really, really loved how the warm, slightly salty flavours of the five spice Cantonese pork belly complemented the tangy but sweet Southwestern inspired slaw. The first bite is an explosion of flavour and crunch (did you see that crackling?!) that just works well and tingles your lips at the same time.

What really helped elevate this dish was using local peaches from Niagara, which were SO sweet and juicy. They didn’t have to travel that far like the peaches from the US, and are in season right now in Ontario. This was my first time grilling them and can definitely say their sweetness is brought out even more after being barbecued! It’s perfection tossed together with homegrown cherry tomatoes, shallots, parsley, red pepper and lime juice. I was trying to find a kickass recipe that involved peaches for the Loblaws Share the Food Love contest, and this did not disappoint!


Ah, pork belly, my second favourite type of meat… with ribeye being the #1. LOVED this so much. The five spice, shaoxing wine, salt, pepper and a touch of soy sauce worked really well. Not to mention it was baked at a low temp, and then put on broil for a few minutes to get that crunchy crackling. I used an interesting technique, placing sea salt on top of the skin so that the skin doesn’t cook while it bakes and allows you to finish the crackling evenly at the end.


Overall, not complicated to make, and the payoff is huge. The vibrant colors and fresh flavour of this summery dish leaves me feeling bittersweet that summer’s about to end – make this dish ASAP and serve it with salad!


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Fried Chicken + Ube Waffles!?


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We went HAM at Platito.


Pandesal, longsilog, tapsilog, tocilog and the fried chicken and ube waffles – we ate it all! Overall Platito didn’t disappoint and definitely satisfied our Filipino breakfast craving.


To start off we had the pandesal with maple butter, which was delish. If you haven’t had pandesal before you need to…ASAP! It’s similar to the sweetness of challah bread, but I love it way more because it’s light and soft! I’m not sure if they make the bread in house but I really loved it!

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My favourite by far though was the tocilog – tocino is sweet cured pork – and I really enjoyed this more than when I had it at Lamesa. Tapsilog (beef) was delicious as well, with a more salty taste than sweet. The Longsilog was my least favourite, I did like how it was made in house, but it was dry. If only it was more juicy! The fried chicken on the other hand was cooked well, was juicy but lacked flavor. I’m not sure if it was brined but it def needed more seasoning! The waffles were good though, fluffy and really tasty.


Service was great, we had a really friendly waitress and didn’t mind that much that the food took a while to be served to us. Cute spot to sit outside this summer!


35 Baldwin St

Toronto, ON