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I caved.

Last night I had the bright idea to go to my old buddy McDonald’s—an idea that I now feel deep regrets for. The moment the fries touched my lips I knew I would fall into a slightly nauseous and sickly food coma.

Well, after waking up with a splitting headache and nasty hangover this morning, I decided to forego McDonald’s again for breakfast and instead recreate their classic breakfast sandwich: the Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

It was so simple to make, and the result is an amazingly fresh, nausea-free, and juicy sandwich, that puts McDonald’s to shame.

Keep in mind these two important steps:


  1. Sausage

I grabbed a few breakfast sausage links from St. Lawrence Market’s Sausage King, removed the meat from its casing, formed them into patties and then tossed it into a pan to fry. You can really taste the high quality, with their meat sourced from Ontario farms and free of any fillers or preservatives. The pork is not at all salty, and has the perfect balance of flavours with a slight hint of herbs and spices.

  1. Poached Egg

Recreating the circular shaped poached egg was pretty simple. Take a look at the video here. Even a circular biscuit cutter would work!

I assembled my sandwich with fresh avocado, a toasted English muffin, honey mustard sauce, and a slice of mild cheddar cheese from Balderson.

LAWD. It was amazing. I’m pretty sure I paused for a few seconds after the first glorious bite of the sandwich. Make this ASAP!