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If you’ve been following along with my food adventures, you know that I love indulging in the ultimate comfort food. You may or may not agree, but it’s been EXTREMELY hard to resist pasta and all the wonderful carbs this winter!! Well, ever since it hit January 1, I’ve turned over a new leaf!! I’m on a mission to eat healthier, mostly because I have a beach vacation coming up in a few months… which means resisting the bad carbs and stop eating sweets. Yep, I’m 100% guilty of my nightly Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

It’s just SO fulfilling to eat comfort food, and where I live, it’s a bit more difficult to find a good restaurant that has delicious healthy food options. Sadly, in North York I’m surrounded by a lot of Asian cuisines (from Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese), which I adore, but it also means tons of rice, and really limited salad options.


Thankfully, there are more healthy options downtown! BUT sometimes you can go overboard when you eat salads, especially if they have a lot of meat, high calorie toppings like bacon or fried chicken, tons of cheese and very heavy dressing. Here are three things I look for in a healthy, well balanced meal:

  1. An awesome lean protein like fish, chicken or shrimp
  2. Good carbs such as quinoa or multi-grain toast
  3. Vegetables


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be tough and unenjoyable, and my nice sister lunch date at e11even just proves my point!! We started off our meal on a wonderful note with their fresh Peach and Ginger tea – it had the perfect balance of sweetness and a slight spicy bite from the ginger. Delicious! I wanted to gulp mine down.

Up first was the Tuna Tartare appetizer, a beautifully layered masterpiece with chunks of avocado and fresh tuna on a sweet soy glaze, topped with crispy shallots. It was served with fried wontons, but you can pass on that if you’re trying to watch your carbs – the tuna by itself is amazing! We were REALLY blown away by the freshness of the fish. I love how e11even takes two simple and fresh ingredients, avocado and tuna, and combines together to create an awesome appetizer.


We had two salads next, their Seared Tuna Salad (one of my favourite salads ever!) and the Grilled Chicken Salad. I was impressed that both salads were very lightly dressed, and this highlighted the crispness of the leaves – it was so refreshing to eat and I could tell that the greens they used were very fresh!


I absolutely loved the Seared Tuna Salad, because I was once again pleasantly surprised by the delicious and fresh tuna! It was served with sliced avocado and a ginger dressing which perfectly complemented the salad as a whole. I highly recommend this as a perfect dish for lunch – something you can grab to-go if you work nearby!


The Grilled Chicken Salad was also very delicious, tossed with a honey lime dressing and topped with peanut sauce. I think there were hints of sesame as well in the dressing and I’m a sucker for Asian inspired salads. Overall, I really liked how everything came together here!


Finally, my sister and I both split the Atlantic Salmon, served with couscous and grilled lemon. All I can say about this dish is WOW!!!!!!! I was already feeling confident that e11even would serve us fresh salmon, but I was really impressed by how perfect the salmon was cooked! The salmon was lightly seasoned, very moist, tender and juicy. I cook salmon a lot, and I wish I knew how they made this!! I’m definitely going to have to go back to have this again.

Make sure you add e11even to your list for some really delicious and healthy meals in the downtown core!!


15 York St
Toronto, ON M5J 0A3