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_DSC1703.jpgI’ve been to Tokyo and back, and can 100000% confirm that what Anthony Bourdain and David Chang have said is true: Tokyo is the world’s best food city. Not gonna lie, Tokyo has ruined me. For all food. Japan devotes so much quality and perfection into food that it’s really on another level.

My boyfriend (HUGE sushi lover) and I had to try the omakase at one of the best sushi spots in the city, one Michelin star restaurant, Sushi Tokami. I was super intrigued by this restaurant, and what some people touted as a “tuna specialist” (LOVE TUNA), and their strong robust rice seasoned with red rice vinegar.


I can tell you right now that this dining experience was out of this world!!! From the service, and especially to the food – WOW I have never tasted fish this fresh, and rice so delicate but at the same tinged red with a slight vinegary taste. One of my favourites, chū-toro, was a super creamy lightly marbled piece of tuna taken from the belly. The piece literally melted in my mouth!!


We loved the energy and vibes of Hiroyuki Sato, the head chef, who was super welcoming and chatty. We weren’t rushed at all, and enjoyed each end every bite of heavenly sushi!!


Here’s one of my favourites, mackerel – I can’t even describe how unreal this tasted, fish that tasted so fresh it felt like it was caught that day! In comparison, I’ve had mackerel here in Toronto and it cannot even compare at all because it tasted really fishy and I had to literally gulp down water to wash down the taste.


Hamachi, amazing, lusciously buttery and light in it’s flavour profile.


To end the meal is a delicious tamagoyaki (egg cake): creamy, slightly sweet with a caramelized top surface, kind of similar to creme brulee.


Sushi Tokami

8-2-10 Ginza Chuo Tokyo

東京都 中央区 銀座 8-2-10 銀座誠和シルバービル B1F