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In two and a half hours I pretty much ate through nine delicious Korean dishes at Chopsticks + Fork’s Korean Food 101 dining experience at Song Kook’s. Highlights of the night were a few of my faves: really legit Japchae and equally delish Bulgogi. I love the sesame and lightly sweet soy flavours of both Japchae and Bugogi… Song Kook’s did not disappoint! Gotta admit, it was my first “dining experience” ever, and it was pretty fun! To be served a variety of of dope food (I love feasts) with a host talking about the backstory of every dish, can’t complain!!


Connecting people through food and learning more about its rich cultural backstory is the concept behind Jusep Kim’s Chopsticks + Forks, which currently offers a Korean Food 101 dining experience and Kensington Market food tour. I definitely recommend this experience to those that want to learn more about Korean food, or even introduce it to friends. The food is BOMB and Jusep is an awesome and super passionate host. His enthusiasm is contagious – you can’t help but be drawn to the stories about the food that he grew up eating and listen to the cultural backstory behind every dish. 


Yep, they also served a Korean classic, kimchi – which Song Cook’s served in generous portions (you had to cut with scissors!!).  Gotta love the unlimited banchan too!!!


There’s no better place like Toronto to discover different food, and Jusep’s Chopsticks + Forks 101 is the best place to start.


Mmm! The above was a deep fried sweet and sour pork (Tang Su Yuk). BONUS: use the coupon code FRIENDS2017 to get 30% off a food experience.