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Already going to preface this post by saying I can’t wait to go back to Gyubee! Alright, so I’ve eaten in my fair share of all BBQs in Toronto (both Korean and Japanese) and I gotta say this is my fav so far. If you don’t know me already I eat a LOT, and I’m pretty deliriously happy that I can eat high quality meat at an AYCE!


A HUGE plus of the restaurant is that it’s not smoky at all. I was really turned off when I first ate at Chako. Swear I walked outta there smelling like I was the one barbecued (never again). The service here at Gyubee was great, with the servers teaching you how to BBQ correctly. I liked this better than Gyu-kaku because of the value and amount of food you get for the price point (around $29.99 for dinner per person).

Now my boyfriend and I got the dinner option during lunch hours (told you I was hungry AF), and there was a lot to choose from. Highlights were the beef! Get the beef (specifically kalbi short rib) and salmon carpaccio. I also enjoyed the bibimbap and any of the veggies. You can’t go wrong really.



7100 Woodbine Ave #100,

Markham, ON