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WOW. Who knew that simple ingredients could create an amazing, solid pasta dish?!

Damn, this was so delicious that I couldn’t stop eating. All you need is pasta, some decent olive oil, fresh basil, garlic, really good cherry tomatoes and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer dish!! It’s a good thing I picked up a bunch of cherry tomatoes from the farmer’s market – man it really added nice sweetness, perfectly complemented with the olive oil (infused with garlic). The basil topped off at the end just adds another kick, an extra level that makes this taste so fresh!

It’s also so easy to whip up – you can do this pasta dish in 10 minutes, or even less! And I do love parmigiano cheese but you definitely don’t need it! Trust me, it will drown out the simple flavours.

Love this so much… I’m going to get fat and it’s not even winter yet!

Pasta with Tomatoes

Adapted from David Rocco