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Brown butter pecan ice cream.

It doesn’t get any more lavish and indulgent than this!! Brown butter essentially means cooking butter to the point where the water in the butter starts to evaporate and the solids start to brown… Resulting in an AMAZING nutty and subtly sweet butter flavour.

Now take that flavour and combine it with a creamy ice cream base that is rich and at the same time has an amazing texture. Words can’t even describe!!!

Yeah, after the first bite of the brown butter ice cream (and the lightly toasted pecans) I had to stop, head in hand, to take in everything.

I was shocked that my ice cream had a texture that was almost exactly what I’d buy in the store. Pretty thick and creamy. The main difference though is the freshness of ice cream that’s made at home – it’s incomparable to the frozen pints you can buy at the supermarket.

Make this. Now. (And don’t forget to take a walk around the block after).