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So… I had the best pizza in Toronto.

We’re talking angels cried slow tears in heaven level of greatness.

But the thing is, this pizza actually was not from Toronto.

Roberta’s pizza from Brooklyn New York held a one night only pop up shop at Citta. For those that know, Roberta’s is an essential NYC pizzeria that specializes in Neapolitan inspired style pizza. (READ: similar to Pizza Libretto or Queen Margherita in Toronto)

I didn’t get to try Roberta’s in my last NYC trip, so naturally I made resos as soon as I heard.

Well, let me tell you the pizza was AMAZING. From the chewy, crispy crust, down to the fresh mozzarella and spicy sopressata… there are no words. I actually went through a bit of pizza withdrawal and had Pizza Libretto two days after I ate Roberta’s. And I can say Roberta’s wins on EVERY level. I’m not a fan of how the Pizza Libretto crust is a bit wet in the centre. Further, the tomato sauce of Libretto seemed bland in comparison. Perhaps they didn’t use San Marzano tomatoes… or the sauce needed to be cooked longer. It also lacked in flavor so that didn’t help at all.

Lots of room for improvement in the Toronto pizza scene, which makes me realize that if I lived in New York I’d have to be rolled down the street because I’d be constantly eating!!!