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This is it.

My favourite meal of all time!!! I could eat this GLORIOUS steak everyday. Not just any steak though, it’s gotta be the rib eye. The flavour that you get from the marbling of the meat is hands down incomparable to any other cut of beef (and I’ve tried many).

This is angels in heaven crying level of greatness!! It cant be cooked past rare though (medium rare is pushing it).

Pan fry the rib eye in herbs, garlic and butter – you’ll definitely consider this your last supper meal too.

Pan-roasted Rib Eye

Adapted from David Chang’s Momofuku


1 bone-in rib eye steak, room temperature
Kosher salt
4 tablespoons (or more) unsalted butter
a few sprigs of thyme
3 garlic cloves
1 medium shallot, minced


Preheat the oven to 400°.

Heat a 10-12” cast iron skillet (or another oven safe skillet) over high heat. While the skillet heats up liberally season the steak on both sides with Kosher salt, then with pepper.

When the pan is hot, brown the steak. It should sizzle as soon as it hits the pan. Don’t touch it or poke it or do anything to it once you add it to the pan.

After 2 minutes flip it and sear the second side for 2 minutes. Stand the steak up and sear the end for 30 seconds or so.

Put the steak in the oven and leave it untouched. A 1 1/4 lb steak will need 5-6 minutes or so, a 2 to 2 1/2 lb steak will need about 8 minutes.

Return the pan to the stovetop over low heat. Add butter, thyme, garlic and shallots to the pan. As soon as the butter melts, start basting. Use one hand to tilt the pan and the other to baste the steak with the pan sauce. Continue for about 2 minutes and then poke the steak to test doneness. If it’s not quite done, baste for a minute or two more but don’t overcook it. This really shouldn’t be cooked past medium-rare.

When it’s done cooking, take the steak out of the pan and let it rest. Don’t touch it for 8-10 minutes while you get the rest of the meal together.

Get a cutting board and good knife to slice the meat.

Pour the pan sauce into a small bowl and bring it to the table. It goes on everything.

Cut the meat off the bone and slice against the grain into 1/2” thick slices. Scatter the steak with Maldon salt and serve with the pan sauce.