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IMG_9096There’s no denying I’m the girl that likes to eat massive amounts of carbs until there’s no tomorrow. So I definitely do not fall under the category of the people that eat clean.

But… Clean drinking?

To be honest, I’ve never had organic tea before, just content with regular tea from Tazo, Teavana and even David’s Tea (and I drink tons of it). Which is why Tea of the People is a company that I can stand behind. I’ve tried their Barrel Aged Chai and it’s delicious. Every ingredient is organic—none of that artificially flavored crap. They promote sustainability through their environmentally friendly made, “best-in-class”, most antioxidant rich teas. In other words, you get the most health benefits from their tea because high quality, natural ingredients are used.  IMG_9013

Take the Barrel Aged Chai for example. Their tea process consists of hand blending the tea and ingredients, placing it into white oak wood barrels, and then then storing it in a cellar for five months. All to fuse the ingredients together nicely.

…Definitely not like your usual Lipton tea.

The first thing I notice about the aroma is how intense and boldly earthy it is. It’s especially spicy, and deliciously so. This particular chai is a blend of: black tea, cinnamon, ginger root, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, peppercorn, chili pepper – all of which are organic. Opening the pouch, I’m hit with the sweet cinnamon, followed by the mellow scent of cardamom and ginger.


Once I give the leaves some steeping, the liquid without the leaves has a sweet aroma accentuated by strong notes of the spicy peppercorns and chili pepper. At first sip, the spices are a bit diminished, but there is still a very strong kick of pepper. After adding cream and sugar for a traditional chai, the first thing I notice is a nice kick of spices, which then fades into a blend of ginger and cinnamon. Every sip reminds me of the holidays and leaves me feeling very warm and comforted—this is really good chai.

I am all about chai teas that combine unique ingredients, and this is one of them.

Check out their website here. It’s got everything you need to know including the rest of the tea they offer.

Disclaimer: Tea of the People sent me this tea to review if I enjoyed the product, which I did! Do yourself a favour and check out their tea ASAP.