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image_2“Moderation” is not a word that exists in my vocabulary.

Especially moderation when it comes to carbs. Which is why I’m still recovering (repenting) from my quadruple carb feast this past Thanksgiving. My family doesn’t scrimp on carbs. We scrimp on vegetables. Some families might prepare a well-balanced meal with lots of salads, veggies and minimal carbs. Nope, not my family. Flip that amount and you get my family’s idea of a well-balanced meal: tons of carbs and the least amount of vegetables.image_4Let’s face it – carbs are the most satisfying food group.

So for Thanksgiving we had turkey with crimini mushroom gravy, fresh and homemade garlic bread with cheddar cheese, my mom’s stuffing, rice (with garlic slow cooked flank steak), mashed potato, and mixed veggies. I guess we had some Caesar salad to start, but does that really count?image_3

The multiple feasts and festivities were a struggle in itself: back-to-back turkey dinner, turkey lunch, then a prime rib dinner. I baked two apple crumb pies as well, and snapped a photo of one of them before it went in the oven. How did I even survive?


Or better yet, how did some people survive? @cookingforbae documents some of Thanksgiving’s #struggleplates from Instagram: the saddest looking turkeys and the most questionable stuffing. Which hopefully makes you thankful that your dinner turned out better. And that someone failed even harder than you at Thanksgiving dinner.